Tue, 01 Mar 2011 21:33:32 +0000

Philip Pemberton <philpem@philpem.me.uk>
Tue, 01 Mar 2011 21:33:32 +0000
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Add keyboard patch from Andrew Warkentin <andreww591 gmail com>

I fixed the keyboard in FreeBee. I looked at the keyboard driver source available on a few sites, and it appears that BEGKBD/KEY_BEGIN_KEYBOARD is only supposed to be sent after the end of mouse data, and that KLAST/KEY_LIST_END is not a separate code, but a flag that is set on the last non-KALLUP/KEY_ALL_UP code in a list. I have attached a patch that implements these changes. I have also attached a patch that adds the 60Hz timer interrupt (I'm not sure if it's totally correct, though, since the cursor blinks rather slowly).

Received-From: Andrew Warkentin <andreww591 gmail com>
Signed-Off-By: Philip Pemberton <philpem@philpem.me.uk>

philpem@0 1 syntax: glob
philpem@0 2 obj/*.o
philpem@0 3 dep/*.d
philpem@0 4 *~
philpem@0 5 .*.sw?
philpem@0 6 .~lock*
philpem@0 7 .buildnum
philpem@2 8
philpem@5 9 # musashi build artefacts
philpem@5 10 src/musashi/m68kopac.c
philpem@5 11 src/musashi/m68kopdm.c
philpem@5 12 src/musashi/m68kopnz.c
philpem@5 13 src/musashi/m68kops.c
philpem@5 14 src/musashi/m68kops.h
philpem@5 15 dep/musashi/*.d
philpem@5 16 obj/musashi/*.o
philpem@5 17 obj/musashi/m68kmake
philpem@5 18
philpem@5 19 # version header
philpem@5 20 src/version.h
philpem@5 21
philpem@5 22 # final executable binary
philpem@15 23 freebee
philpem@5 24 3b1emu
philpem@5 25
philpem@2 26 # ignore ROMs and techref
philpem@2 27 roms
philpem@2 28 TRM
philpem@58 29 misc
philpem@81 30 discs