Wed, 16 Apr 2014 02:20:43 -0600

Wed, 16 Apr 2014 02:20:43 -0600
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fixed bus error handling for real this time (save registers before every instruction and push the saved registers if a bus error occurs, since the instruction may have changed registers before the bus error, and also stop the instruction immediately with longjmp so it won't change memory after the bus error)

This isn't actually what a real 68k does, but it is a good enough approximation. A real 68k will jump back into the middle of the faulted instruction and resume it from the memory access that faulted as opposed to restarting from the beginning like this CPU emulation does. It would be a lot harder to do that with the way this CPU library is designed. Newer versions of MESS basically do the same thing (they use a newer version of this library).

     1 syntax: glob
     2 obj/*.o
     3 dep/*.d
     4 *~
     5 .*.sw?
     6 .~lock*
     7 .buildnum
     9 # musashi build artefacts
    10 src/musashi/m68kopac.c
    11 src/musashi/m68kopdm.c
    12 src/musashi/m68kopnz.c
    13 src/musashi/m68kops.c
    14 src/musashi/m68kops.h
    15 dep/musashi/*.d
    16 obj/musashi/*.o
    17 obj/musashi/m68kmake
    19 # version header
    20 src/version.h
    22 # final executable binary
    23 freebee
    24 3b1emu
    26 # ignore ROMs and techref
    27 roms
    28 TRM
    29 misc
    30 discs