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Check return value of fread()

     1 From private email, dated 2010-Nov-26, 20:43 GMT:
     3 From: Karl Stenerud <>
     4 Subject: Re: Musashi 68k emulator
     6 On 2010-11-26, at 12:36 PM, Philip Pemberton wrote:
     8 > > I do have one question, though more related to licensing than the core itself...
     9 > > 
    10 > > I was planning to release my emulator under an open-source licence, probably the GPL or something along those lines (the worst case scenario IMO would be someone adding a ton of nice features then refusing to release the source).
    11 > > 
    12 > > The "non-commercial use only" restriction in the Musashi license would seem to be at odds with the GPL, and would make it somewhat more difficult to tie in GPL-licensed libraries. Is there any possibility of getting v3.31 released under a less restrictive license, maybe GPL or LGPL?
    13 > > 
    15 Sure, no problem.  I usually release stuff under an Apache license nowadays, but feel free to pick any FOSS license.