Pager Support

    Some Mercurial commands can produce a lot of output, and Mercurial will
    attempt to use a pager to make those commands more pleasant.
    To set the pager that should be used, set the application variable::
      pager = less -FRX
    If no pager is set in the user or repository configuration, Mercurial uses the
    environment variable $PAGER. If $PAGER is not set, pager.pager from the default
    or system configuration is used. If none of these are set, a default pager will
    be used, typically `less` on Unix and `more` on Windows.
    .. container:: windows
      On Windows, `more` is not color aware, so using it effectively disables color.
      MSYS and Cygwin shells provide `less` as a pager, which can be configured to
      support ANSI color codes.  See :hg:`help config.color.pagermode` to configure
      the color mode when invoking a pager.
    You can disable the pager for certain commands by adding them to the
    pager.ignore list::
      ignore = version, help, update
    To ignore global commands like :hg:`version` or :hg:`help`, you have
    to specify them in your user configuration file.
    To control whether the pager is used at all for an individual command,
    you can use --pager=<value>:
      - use as needed: `auto`.
      - require the pager: `yes` or `on`.
      - suppress the pager: `no` or `off` (any unrecognized value
        will also work).
    To globally turn off all attempts to use a pager, set::
      paginate = never
    which will prevent the pager from running.