bundlespecBundle File Formats
colorColorizing Outputs
configConfiguration Files
datesDate Formats
diffsDiff Formats
environmentEnvironment Variables
extensionsUsing Additional Features
filesetsSpecifying File Sets
flagsCommand-line flags
hgignoreSyntax for Mercurial Ignore Files
hgwebConfiguring hgweb
internalsTechnical implementation topics
merge-toolsMerge Tools
pagerPager Support
patternsFile Name Patterns
phasesWorking with Phases
revisionsSpecifying Revisions
scriptingUsing Mercurial from scripts and automation
templatingTemplate Usage
urlsURL Paths

Main Commands

addadd the specified files on the next commit
annotateshow changeset information by line for each file
clonemake a copy of an existing repository
commitcommit the specified files or all outstanding changes
diffdiff repository (or selected files)
exportdump the header and diffs for one or more changesets
forgetforget the specified files on the next commit
initcreate a new repository in the given directory
logshow revision history of entire repository or files
mergemerge another revision into working directory
pullpull changes from the specified source
pushpush changes to the specified destination
removeremove the specified files on the next commit
servestart stand-alone webserver
statusshow changed files in the working directory
summarysummarize working directory state
updateupdate working directory (or switch revisions)

Other Commands

addremoveadd all new files, delete all missing files
archivecreate an unversioned archive of a repository revision
backoutreverse effect of earlier changeset
bisectsubdivision search of changesets
bookmarkscreate a new bookmark or list existing bookmarks
branchset or show the current branch name
brancheslist repository named branches
bundlecreate a bundle file
catoutput the current or given revision of files
configshow combined config settings from all hgrc files
copymark files as copied for the next commit
fileslist tracked files
graftcopy changes from other branches onto the current branch
grepsearch revision history for a pattern in specified files
headsshow branch heads
helpshow help for a given topic or a help overview
identifyidentify the working directory or specified revision
importimport an ordered set of patches
incomingshow new changesets found in source
manifestoutput the current or given revision of the project manifest
outgoingshow changesets not found in the destination
pathsshow aliases for remote repositories
phaseset or show the current phase name
recoverroll back an interrupted transaction
renamerename files; equivalent of copy + remove
resolveredo merges or set/view the merge status of files
revertrestore files to their checkout state
rootprint the root (top) of the current working directory
tagadd one or more tags for the current or given revision
tagslist repository tags
unbundleapply one or more bundle files
verifyverify the integrity of the repository
versionoutput version and copyright information