Sun, 06 Mar 2011 21:03:32 +0000

Philip Pemberton <philpem@philpem.me.uk>
Sun, 06 Mar 2011 21:03:32 +0000
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Commit GSI patches from Wesley Terpstra

- Add JTAG capture pin
==> allows removing sensitivity to reg_update which caused clocking problems making JTAG unstable
- Use register file backed by RAM blocks
==> saves quite some area and speed on altera
... be sure to enable it using `define CFG_EBR_POSEDGE_REGISTER_FILE
- Fix a minor problem where compilation fails when interrupts are not supported
- Add support to flush icache and dcache per JTAG
- Fix wrong width assignments for PC

Multiplier patch has been left out for now; don't the design synthesizers (Quartus / Xst) split the multiply automatically?

Original-Author: Wesley Terpstra <w.terpsta gsi.de>
Original-Source: Milkymist mailing list postings, 2011-02-28 (11:19 and 13:32) and 2011-03-01
Original-Message-Ids: <4D6B84B5.9040604@gsi.de> <4D6BA3E4.3020609@gsi.de> <4D6CFFF2.6030703@gsi.de>

     1 07be9df9fee8081c0c0bd13cd722b925fbe91577 LM32_V3_5_BASELINE
     2 0eb235b23d55bc995bc473033ac025dd49f16b92 LM32_V3_5_WITH_PATCHES